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snow-forecastta ecnebi bi adam uludağın diğer avrupa kayak merkezlerinden 20 yıl geride oldugunu yazmıs.dogru söze ne hacet!

Mark Stowe from United Kingdom writes:
Am living in Kocaeli at the moment and decided to have a weekend skiing in Uludag.
The drive up to the resort is quite a ride - snow chains are required and 5YTL (£2) to enter the park - Uludag is the another 11km from the toll gate. It is very well sign posted from main road from Istanbul - no need for a map!!

The people are very friendly and helpful - most of the people you need to meet (hotel owners, ski hire/pass people) speak enough english to get you by. I had full board hotel with ensuite for 120YLT per night (£50). You can get it as cheap ar 30YTL (£12) for a hostel type room. Ski hire was 15-30YTL depending on the level you wanted - remember, everything is negotiable (except the ski pass).

The ski pass is expensive – 50-60 YTL for a day pass (£20-24) – and this only covers you for a handul of lifts.....4-5 only. The lifts are still owned by the Hotels and they are still trying to get one pass that covers all lifts (planned for next season apparently!!!). The lifts are t bars or slow chairs.....i reckon the resort is about 20 years behind the big Europen resorts!!

The skiing is limited – if you are learning or intermediate is it superb – lots of nice runs near to bars and restaurants. If you are advanced, it is very limited – you will spent 75% of your time on the lifts!!

It is expensive – one lady said it is cheaper to ski in Europe!! A coffee (instant nescafe) cost 6YTL (£2.40).

It is a pretty place to ski but it can be cold.

In summary – if you are in Turkey already (like I am) it is worth a visit. Ask for a detailed map of what lifts your pass covers. Take snow chains.
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